Name: Taro's Manslayer
 Level: 1
 Type: Sword
 Max Stack: 1
 Element: None
 Cost: 0
 Tradeable: Tradeable
 Upgraded: Not Upgraded
 Description: Taro had fought over 1000 battles in his lifetime. (You can probably relate.) His spirit, experience and discipline are captured in his sword. Use it well??
 DPS: 100
 Monster info: Monster: Unfluffy   drop chance: 0.10   quantity: 1
 Shop info: No shop has this item
 Quest info: No quest drops this item

25 players have this item

H4DES x34
juuuzo x31
baszazxs x27
anh a lev x21
Yukino x19
Corelwewe x11
Syndrome x11
nightshena x11
KnightAcs x10
AKxyle x9
AKA x9
abdo x7
cowboy1033 x6
9zero x6
Certificado x6
Fatal x5
yam x4
Mazzou x4
Syn x3
CoZy x3
Nevermind x3
Ishigami x3
Okage x3
Cordellia x3
Jennie x3