Name: Light Caster Hair
 Level: 1
 Type: Helm
 Max Stack: 1
 Element: None
 Cost: 0
 Tradeable: Tradeable
 Upgraded: Not Upgraded
 Description: The gold leaves encircling this helm denote a high Rank inside the Order of LightCasters! Hair is not Color Custom.
 DPS: 100
 Monster info: Monster: General Slugwrath   drop chance: 0.01   quantity: 1
 Shop info: No shop has this item
 Quest info: No quest drops this item

25 players have this item

Gerisival x4
1 0 0 x3
Krizyss9 x3
Chromachase x2
GodsNuke x1
King Zeref x1
Oppa x1
crow17 x1
Synthus x1
oViru x1
Lucky x1
aLIEz x1
keegant2002 x1
ghz x1
jkon x1
NotGamerXD x1
MrPizza0 x1
mariusz9q x1
Miltonius Low x1
Fugitivemind x1
jpgh1 x1
ASsassiNS x1
Nefalen226 x1
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