Name: Infernal Slayer
 Level: 1
 Type: Armor
 Max Stack: 1
 Element: None
 Cost: 0
 Tradeable: Tradeable
 Upgraded: Not Upgraded
 Description: Charged by the Light, these warriors start a never ending quest to rid the world of evil and all its beings.
 DPS: 100
 Monster info: Monster: Lucifer   drop chance: 0.05   quantity: 1
 Shop info: No shop has this item
 Quest info: No quest drops this item

25 players have this item

Sheexoy x110
Roxan x67
Qz x66
DoubleUteeF x63
Okage x34
VulVul x31
zxcasdqwe20123 x30
Frank_ x30
Marshal x30
bananaqt x28
Crow x27
ArcaneLock x24
Siin x20
Eyja x20
ryanzin157 x16
relog2 x16
LaxusDark x16
Klas x15
FroxSeverus x15
dahle x14
darkray x13
WarriorKnight x13
Grimmie x12
villaines x12
MegaZaur x10