Name: Darkon's Debris 66.3
 Level: 1
 Type: Armor
 Max Stack: 1
 Element: None
 Cost: 300 K
 Tradeable: Tradeable
 Upgraded: Not Upgraded
 Description: You know, it's not much of a suit now. More like an armor.
 DPS: 100
 Monster info: No monster drops this item.
 Shop info: World Merge Shop
 Quest info: No quest drops this item

13 players have this item

Miro x1
Gersael x1
Vania x1
Laer x1
Gateway x1
Katsuya x1
icy x1
VashErza x1
Miltonius x1
Ra x1
Expodia x1
Xenarid x1
Yaketsuku x1