Name: Austere Shadowslayers Galero
 Level: 1
 Type: Helm
 Max Stack: 1
 Element: None
 Cost: 30 K
 Tradeable: Tradeable
 Upgraded: Not Upgraded
 Description: The signature wide-brimmed hat of the Shadowslayer. Wear it with dignity.
 DPS: 100
 Monster info: Monster: Lady Maria   drop chance: 0.02   quantity: 1
 Shop info: No shop has this item
 Quest info: No quest drops this item

25 players have this item

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Nik0ko x15
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Lil Qwack x11
Mjad x9
Xyzora x9
ronnin18 x6
Aria x6
kolia x5
Shaba x5
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Resteg0 x4
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