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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i level up?

/join galacticinsanity, /join up, /join darkplains.

How to enhance my items?

Go to enhancements shop in game menu and get adequate enhancement for your level, rebirthing does not discard enhancements.

How to get rebirth tokens?

Reaching lvl 200 then click on character next to the rest button and goto rebirth.

How to get legendary rebirth?

Every 1 legendary rebirth token=25 rebirth tokens and you can exchange them in quibble's quest in /join battleon, to exchange them back to regular rebirth /join nulgathquest

Where to get Skid wish ticket?

In yulgar suggestion shop 1, how to farm skid wish ticket? click character next to the heart icon on the bottom bar and click on mining! each day you get 200 energy to mine.

Where do i get boosts from?

Quibble's shop - battleon, you can get free boosts to get started, you can also get boosts by going to character menu and click on "Help/Ajuda".

How to access the extra features in game?

How to access the extra features on the website?

Use the navigation bar on the top of the website

Where to farm gold/coins fast?

ultranulgath, evonulgath(vip), darkplains until 1m gc, Drug deal quest in /join nulgathquest after 1m

Where to get good classes for beginners?

class shop in main menu, legionwar merge shop, faroff merge shop, skidsonheaven (needs key to access map) to get the key to heaven you need 1000 god essence( /join finaldragon) and /join skytower to get the key to heaven