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On Zelensky
Big Grin 
Zelenskyy is the first Jewish president; with Volodymyr Groysman as prime minister, Ukraine became the first country other than Israel to have a Jewish head of state and head of government.
Zelenskyy has been called by The Times of Israel the "Jewish defender of Ukrainian democracy".[24] Gal Beckerman of The Atlantic described Zelenskyy as having "[given] the world a Jewish Hero"

With country of less then 400k jews with a 44 million population. How does a 2 jews become a president and the prime minister?
Right after an American backed coup?

In February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, the Israeli Embassy stayed open on the Sabbath to facilitate the evacuation of an estimated 200,000 Jews from Ukraine. A total of 97 Jews chose to flee Ukraine for Israel.[108] In addition, 140 Jewish orphans have fled from Ukraine to Romania and Moldova.[109][110] 100 Jews fled from Ukraine to Belarus for eventual leaving for Israel[111] On 2 March 2022, the Jewish Agency for Israel reported that hundreds of Ukrainian Jewish war refugees sheltering in Poland, Romania and Moldova were scheduled to leave for Israel by the following week.[112] On March 13, 2022, 600 Jews fleeing from Ukraine went to Israel,[113] and by March 21, 2022, the number was 12,000.[114] As of 7 April 2022 the number of Jews from Ukraine who have gone up to Israel is reported to be 10,000


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