Skidson Mafia is the best AQW private server

You can get started by creating an Account checking out the Guides and downloading the Launcher

also join our Discord to keep up with the latest updates and features!

If you liked our game and would like to contribute you can do so by purchasing packages on the Store or refering people to play and getting Rewards You can see your referal link in the Account page.

Check out some of the featured videos made by players

This one is a short tutorial explaining the basics of the game

This one explains how to get a very strong class

This one explains how to farm rebirths faster

Showcasing Matter Manipulator

Do not hesitate to contact the admins by opening a ticket on discord if you need any help a staff or support will answer your questions.

Skidson is updated almost every day with new events and features and you will have a great time playing!

You can see the latest events and features added by checking the game-updates channel on our discord